Got Web App?

cloud-WhyAnyone and everyone who feels empowered and comfortable with being able to access files, lists, media or collaborate using ALL their computing devices may need Web Apps (applications hosted on the world wide web).

Some web apps provide faster execution capabilities for rendering details than using the bandwidth of the device’s network connection.

From busy professionals to elementary students, people are taking advantage of having access and being able to sync between their computers, tablets, and smart phones.

Why would a Small Business Owner or Organization Leader Need Web Apps?

  • To quote statistics from analytical data captured using web business intelligence;
  • To access vendor contract details while out of the office using synced file repositories;
  • The ability to compose emails using a contact list sync on the computer back at the office;
  • Be able to check the week’s agenda of meetings using a web-hosted calendar;
  • To look at images uploaded by off-site staff, freelancers or vendors;
  • To view video proposed for advertisement from a mobile device;
  • Get an instant translation on words not in your fluent language;
  • The ability to keep up on reading anywhere you go using eBooks;
  • To contribute to a wiki on your product or service and share it with anyone interested in purchasing it;
  • To be able to check your custom configured finance portfolio performance from a mobile device;
  • To capture data from tables anywhere on the world wide web and fuse into your database.

And, there is much more you can do using inexpensive web enabled applications.

For a Free consulting session on how to use Web Apps for your organization or small business; contact User*Friendly Systems Consulting & Management for a recommendation on how to harness the power of Web Apps for your group.

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