Time Clock on the Go

Recently, we helped a small business owner setup a mobile access time clock system for their janitorial business.

blue time clock

In a normal work-week, employees were responsible for delivering paper-based time sheets to the previous business owner on Fridays so as to get paid for hours work the next Thursday.

Being the new business owner is not based in the same city as the team members, the process of delivering paper was proving to not be the best and timely manner for collecting time sheets.

Here were the business owner’s requirements:

  1.  Web based system for team members to log their time on a daily bases anytime of the day.
  2. System should work with Windows, Android, and IOS (Apple) devices.
  3. Willing to purchase software, but no subscription fees.
  4. System should be easy to use (user friendly) and have icons for those who don’t read.
  5. Must integrate reports with QuickBooks.

After considering the development of a customized software package, we recommended the business try a web-based product called “Time Clock Wizard.”

Using three of the business’ team members who are savvy with smart devices, we configured the software to conduct a two-week prototype so that we would be able to analyze all aspects of the time sheet process including integration of payroll reports.

Before the two week prototype was complete, the business owner had decided she wanted to move forward with launching the new system with all team members.

The new system has allowed the owner and managers to effectively collaborate with all team members on work hours, estimate payroll on a daily basis and efficiently get payroll out each week.

The customer is extremely satisfied with their new highly successful system and process.  User*Friendly is so glad to have helped.

We recommend a customized configuration using Time Clock Wizard to any small business owner with 5 to 50 employees or contractors.

Let us know if we can help you design a more efficient system or improve upon a process for your organization.