You Need a Personal Web

Brand Me Personal Web Consulting

Why do a personal website? Because it is…Who You Are and What You Stand For

Sometimes an internet search on your name is the first impression someone may get of you. It’s YOU who should control your digital footprint in the eternal sands of the internet (world wide web). Below are some tips on getting started.

Once you decide to do a personal brand web, there are a few things you should probably do immediately like, find a domain. Some wait until the website is ready to look for an available web address using their name; but whether you complete a personal web or not…if at all possible, have control of your full name as a domain. And, if your exact full name is not available; spend time finding a creative way to get a domain address that is personal enough to be you and only you…like your first initial/full middle name/last name, OR first name/home town like

It’s best to carefully plan your personal web concept by deciding on colors or a theme that expresses you. From there you can start collecting images and content to match.

A good web design comes in conjunction with consideration on how the web will be hosted. There are many different options…whether you want to be hosted by a content manager like WordPress or go organic using low-level browser code. Your budget may be a determinate, but don’t under estimate your time is money; it may be less expensive to let a someone else get it done and ready for near future objectives like for your personal business or job searching. Consultants at User*Friendly can explain the comparisons for choosing your personal web’s hosting and how to determine available design options. Just know Design is a very important step and we highly encourage you spend a bulk of your creative time to this phase to make your site is as unique as you are.

Once your design is pretty well complete; develop, test and publish the site. Again, since this web is representative of YOU, make sure YOU see everything you are wanting for your personal web… not neglecting proper web functioning on multiple platforms including mobile devices. But once you verify the web is a great first attempt, go ahead and ask family and friends for feedback, (especially those who know you best).

For User*Friendly clients,we use a “Brand Me Personal Web” check-list to help the project off to a good structured start.  To download a copy if you are going at it on your own, use this link.

Happy Personal Branding 🙂

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